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Scotland // Saturday 3rd March 2018
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Someone was hoofing it for their turns.

Heading for the left shoulder to see what was round the back.

Looking back to Glasgow in the distance.

A view of the volcanic plug from the back.

That looks good, let's head that way.

Slightly iffy panorama pic looking back at Dumgoyne

Approximate route (not from GPS)

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
Very short there and back tour, just over 2hrs. Starting from layby near stile (just along from distillery) to access footpath up to Dumgoyne. Over farmers fields following earlier skier tracks (thank you) and up the left hand side of the climb (less incline) and around the back of the Dumgoyne plug on approach to Garloch Hill.
:: Weather Conditions
Overcast, dry and moderate easterly. Freezing level estimate around 200m.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
Good coverage on Western slopes. Pretty much all windblown, firm in places, some softer parts found though. Wet and heavy near road and across fields.
:: Skiers/Riders
Andy and Nick
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