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If you wish to contact Winterhighland Limited, please email us using the contact details at the foot of every page or drop us a Private Message on the forum to user 'winterhighland'

:: Who, What, When?
We've been providing Scottish Snow Reports on-line since the autumn of 1994, we're the oldest national web based snowsport reporting service around. Incidentally the only national winter sports reporting service that's been on-line longer, is also Scottish, the SportScotland Avalanche Information Service, who launched their website in 1993!

The Winterhighland website is operated by Winterhighland Limited (Registered in Scotland number SC274872). We're a small privately owned company based in the City of Inverness, capital of the Highlands, operating out of Inverness, Glasgow and Glencoe.

The site's user generated content (reports and forum posts) are moderated with the help of a small team of volunteer moderators and we are also very grateful to the many registered members whom contribute content to the site.

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The Winterhighland website makes use of first party cookies for site functionality such as user login session_ids and functionality for the forum and public / backcountry report upload functions. These cookies are essential to the basic functioning of the website and will originate from winterhighland.info / winterhighland.com as applicable.

The website makes use of third party cookies relating to the use of and operation of Google Analytics, Google Adsense and double click for publishers. Some external content on our website is dependent on third party cookies for functionality including Twitter and Youtube Social Plugins, and also from the UK Met Office. We understand the competing desires for privacy and control vs a smooth user experience, registered forum members with a session_id set will not be represented with a cookie reminder until a logout event occurs. The most sure fire way to be in control of your cookies is via your browser preferences!

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Privacy Policy relating to our website and the Scottish Warren Miller Ski Film Tour.

:: Terms of Use & Disclaimer
This Web Site (Winterhighland) and it's content including images (still and moving) and text is copyright of Winterhighland Limited; unless otherwise specified. Any use of our content without prior consent from Winterhighland Ltd is prohibited, except as detailed under 'Terms of Use - Acceptable use of Content'. Any content or images uploaded to our Server or otherwise submitted to Winterhighland Ltd, may be used by Winterhighland Ltd in any way we see fit (Please see Terms of Use - Copyright and Uploaded Images for further info). If you wish to use any content that appears on this website, please contact us (see foot of page).

Winterhighland Limited provides this site 'as is' and makes no warranty explicit or implied that the site or it's content is fit for purpose. While every effort is made to ensure that information Winterhighland Limited provides itself is as accurate as possible at time of update, Winterhighland Limited can not be held responsible for any errors or ommissions, please remember that MOUNTAIN CONDITIONS CHANGE QUICKLY!

Much of the information on Winterhighland is provided by fellow users of the site, and Winterhighland is not able to nor do we attempt to verify that information, we assume no responsibility for the use of this web-site or the information contained within whatsoever.

By using the Winterhighland Site, you agree that Winterhighland Limited, it's directors and staff, whether paid or volunteer contributors, will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or punitive damages that you may incur through the use of this site or associated services. Such use is entirely at your own risk.

You agree that you will not input or upload any defamatory, infringing, or other illegal or injurious data or information on to Winterhighland. You agree to indemnify and defend Winterhighland Limited against any and all claims, proceedings, damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses (including legal fees), relating to use of this web-site, its content and associated services.

Please keep in mind when using the site that to defame a person or to infringe any copyright or trademark carries with it severe potential liability. For more information regarding the potential liability, you should consult your own legal advisor.

:: Terms of Use - Acceptable use of Content
You may not modify or use the Content of this website for any purpose without express written consent from Winterhighland Limited. Except as provided below:

You may print Material on the Winterhighland Website for personal or educational purposes only, and you must include any copyright notice originally included with the content in all copies.

You may print our Snow Reports pages for the purpose of providing snow report information to your customers or guests, for example display in a shop or guest house.

:: Terms of Use - Copyright and uploaded Images
In addition to the standard terms of use for the Winterhighland Site, by uploading images to either our forum, or any of our report servers (for example the Public Reports), or by submitting images for use on the site by email, you agree to the following terms: You agree to grant Winterhighland full rights to use the submitted image in perpetuity, throughout the Winterhighland Site, and for any purpose, both on and off-line (either in original or modified format). (In plain English, you agree to give Winterhighland the same rights over the image as if it was one of our own.)

As original owner of the image, Winterhighland Limited grants you non-exclusive rights to continue to use the image for any purpose. You also agree that neither yourself or Winterhighland may in the future seek to prevent the other from using the image.

Winterhighland regularly receives requests from all sorts of individuals and organisations to make use of images on the Winterhighland Site. Though we reserve the right to use any image uploaded to our server, or submitted via email, we will under normal circumstances attempt to contact the original owner of an image before using it for purposes not directly related to the Winterhighland Site so far as that user and their contact details are known at time of the request.

:: I have found inappropriate content. Do you moderate posts?
Winterhighland has a small team of moderators who keep a watchful eye over both our forums and our report servers. We operate a reactive system of moderation, that is we don't moderate posts by registered users prior to them appearing on the site, as this would significantly delay a genuine report from being available, we check the site regularly for unsuitable material and will if necessary either remove the offending item, or hide it from public viewing and ask the user who posted it to remove the offending parts.

However we can not monitor the site 24/7/365, and occasionally a problem item does get through. If you are a registered member, you can report a post by clicking the report a post link. If you are not a registered member or you are not logged on, please email us. Your assistance in maintaining our site is appreciated.


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