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Public Reports: 22.49hrs on Fri 12th Feb 2021
Backcountry: 16.52hrs on Tue 16th Nov 2021

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Loch Morlich:
Loch Morlich
Nevis Range:
Nevis Range

Glencoe // Tue 01 Jun 2021
Beautiful crunchy spring snow and a colourful summer dusk on the Spring Run.
Glencoe // Wed 26 May 2021
Looking up the upper Main Basin, good granular spring snow turns for those prepared to do the leg work! Access Chair open daily 9am to 4.15pm.
Glencoe // Mon 12 Apr 2021
Looking up the Main Basin after dropping equipment for new summit weather station at the top!
Glencoe // Sun 21 Feb 2021
Snowsport Scotland's performance teams have been permitted to return to on snow training with the help of Glencoe. Still snow well below the Top of the Access so fairly short walk to go touring from Carpark.
Glencoe // Mon 04 Jan 2021
All uplift operation now suspended. Any turns for locals will have to be earned!

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