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Winterhighland's UK Ice Conditions Server allows climbers to share information and photos on climbing conditions from throughout the UK and Ireland. To post a winter climbing report, simply fill out the form below and submit. You do not need to register to submit reports, however registered Winterhighland members may upload photos (up to 2mb each). For further information on using the Ice Server please see the FAQ.

Please keep posts here to conditions and use the forums for general discussions. Finally please remember these reports are recieved in good faith, but we are unable to verify them.

Please visit our Winter Climbing Links Page for a list of websites and blogs offering further info for Winter Climbing.
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To view reports please select from the links below. Reports may be viewed by Area, or by either date posted or date climbed.

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Wed 20th Feb 2013 [1 Reports]   
Thu 17th May 2012 [1 Reports]   
Mon 30th Apr 2012 [1 Reports]   
Mon 30th Jan 2012 [1 Reports]   
Wed 9th Mar 2011 [1 Reports]   
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Further Information
Scottish Hi... // Mon 18th Feb
CairnGorm Mtn // Tue 15th May
CairnGorm Mtn // Sun 29th Apr

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