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Southern Highlands // Friday 14th April 2006
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Descending Jean's Gully in squall

Western Flank of Glas Mheall Mor

Still good cover on East Drumocher Hills

About to don skis

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:: Tour Route(s) or Location Skied/Ridden
Parked off A9 at 630763. Climbed up steep slopes beside waterfall to 650m, then easy angled snow filled gully to col between Meall 'a Chaorainn & A'Bhuidheanach Bheag. Skied on to ABhuidheanach Beg then A' Bhuidheanach Mhor, then east to summit of Glas Mheall Mor. From their skied back to first col and redescended gully. On skis all day after initial climb. Bumped into some walkers who wished they were on skis!
:: Weather Conditions
Good visibility. Lots of hot spring sunshine. Osscassional snow/sleet shower. Moderate to fresh wind.
:: Snow Conditions and Distrubtion
Good snow in gully from 650m though a bit wet lower down and hard to get a grip on (Don't have skins). Used klister to get up. Once on plateau snow was drier and klister too sticky! Changed to red wax which worked well...though took a lot of scraping and corking! Happy days!! Once on plateau extensive even cover of fresh snow. Well worth the trip...though snow loss could be seen on lower slopes and some aspects in comparison to last weekend. Temp. on plateau probably about 2/3C.
:: Skiers/Riders
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