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Another World Mountain Boarding Centre - Fri 12th Feb 2021
Posted by: Guest at 22.49hrs on Fri 12th Feb 21
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Most Terrain has Good Cover.
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Blue skies, little wind, warm in the sun.
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Been disappointed at no out and about reports, given lack of lift served accompanied by great weather. So thought this might b a starter as I opted to take my exercise on the board today.
Wee slide in Haydon Bridge Northumberland.
Wandered up through Waite farm field, couple of sledgers but pretty quiet. Weather stunning, fantastic visibility, probably too warm. Continued up top of North Bank to Tofts then into field. Granular spring snow with only a few tracks. Once moving, it was great with no real grass surfing, just an adequate nice depth. Possible to get some gentle turns or even carve it up for speed but the best chance of some velocity was going straight. Negotiated gate into steeper smaller field above St John of Beverley. Then hike back up, get me blah and repeat, repeat, repeat. After my penultimate run I wandered up to Haydon old Church with a view to cutting down to Page Croft, then Stephenson's bank and the Plunder Heath footpath. I suspect there may be worthwhile snow up there. Sadly the page Croft field just did not have the depth of snow so I returned to Tofts and slid back down to the village. All in all a most enjoyable few hours of earned turns. Really sorry about lack of photos. Please post your own wee adventures to give all of us something to look forward to.
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Imsoboardwiththeewesa ( forgot password, again!)

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