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CairnGorm Mountain - Wed 28th Dec 2022
Posted by: Guest at 20.11hrs on Wed 28th Dec 22
:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Heavy snow showers after 2pm
+1oc - -4oc

Video on YouTube- search Jonathan Cook Cairngorm 2022
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Great snow cover from 900m on north facing slopes. The fiaecal ridge area, east lady were stripped of snow, while areas like the upper cas, traverse, and ptarmigan bowl. We skied up the access track to the sheilling mid station, then zig zags and traverse.

We considered skiing to the summit but was put of by the ice. We also considered skiing back the way we came, but saw the m2 being posted, though in the end it was obvious That the snow groomer had just been pushing out snow drifts

The m2 had great cover all the way down to the car park, but was icy and uneven, great fun for me and my sharp edged skis, but not great for my friend who had lightweight touring skis. Overall a good day and with 20-40cm of more snow the who area could be opened with some effort.
:: Riders
Jonathan, Pablo
:: E-Mail Contact
technicianjonathan at gmail dot com

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