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Yad Moss - Fri 1st Apr 2022
Posted by: Guest at 19.09hrs on Fri 1st Apr 22
:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Good visibility, little wind but sadly thaw in full effect from late morning.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Yad Moss website pretty much called it bang on, predicting Pennine grassy patches mixed with snow and early runs being best before it all got rather heavy(maaan). I got there about 11 and baled just after 1 when I seemed to be running out of snow and energy. Many thanks to the lovely people of Yad Moss who keep the club going with their hard work and dedication. Also for selling n'ere do well opportunists like me a day ticket. I had a nice time and now live in hope of a Scottish ski in May! I think I did it in 2015.
:: Riders
Gandalf the Gullible(really?)
:: E-Mail Contact
Mithrandir65 at middleeart dot com

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