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Glenshee - Mon 9th Mar 2020
Posted by: archie_f at 23.02hrs on Mon 9th Mar 20
:: Snow Cover
Mostly Skiable - Some Areas Thin/Narrow
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Grey and damp in the morning, wind got up during the day. Dried out for a while and conditions were pretty good. Strong wind and rain/sleet returned about mid afternoon. Felt like just above zero all day, but the rain was falling as wet snow at car park level when I left around 4pm.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Most of Cairnwell side open, all except Carn Aosda accessible. Some heavy damp snow to begin with, but dried out and improved as the day went on. Tiger/Thunderbowl has good extensive cover and nice snow. Also good on the red racetrack run off Cairnwell T-bar. Other side of the road - best was Caenlochan and Coire Fionn. Some loss of snow of the Caenlochan runs, but still one good run down the left ( facing downhill) of the poma.
:: E-Mail Contact
archie at archieflockhart dot com

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